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We provide industrial refrigeration solutions in cooperation with our partners. Solutions mainly include food storerooms and food-production lines refrigeration. We have provided our solutions for the following companies:



LIDL, Sereď 

SW for logistic warehouse refrigeration control

We have successfully managed to provide a solution for a newly built logistics warehouse refrigeration for Lidl Slovakia. Technology was provided by GEA Czech Republic and electro by Remako s.r.o.



EXPLOSIA, Pardubice 

Cooling control for nitroglycerin production

The solution included control system S7-1500 and operator panels for controlling two compressor cooling for nitroglycerin production. Part of the solution was communication ESPnet for compressor controlling and reading actual data.




Programing SW for ammonia compressor control

The solution includes control of several ammonia compressors that are connected with two cascades. The compressors are controlled by PLC and the control panel from Vipa. They deliver cool air to food storerooms.