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We have completed the following machine and production-line automation contracts:




SW for testing roller mill

Each manufactured tractor undergoes quality assurance tests. Some of these tests are done on a roller mill that we have automated and that mostly comprises of rotating steel rollers. The rollers are controlled with four frequency converters, so each tractor wheel is controlled separately. The quality test includes driving with no load, driving with load and uphill driving simulation, for example.



Baumüller, Skalice nad Svitavou

Electric motors components production line repair

This has been a service contract. The original control panel was damaged and replaced with a new one. Since existing source codes were not available, we had to conduct an investigation using various resources (electro-project, uncommented PLC code, operator experience), so the machine could soon return to operation.



Mann Hummel, Nová ves

Modification of SW for filter production line

The basis of this contract was increasing the number of formulas on the folding line of filtration papers. After subsequent evaluation, the existing control system was replaced by a new Siemens S7, including new software and wiring.



Stoba, Brno

Automotive industry component testing

This line is used for testing the tightness of engine components in the automotive industry. The line is controlled by PLC Siemens and Weintek control panel. Small PC Raspberry Pi was used for archiving tested components.